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We are a full audio and visual production company in Houston, TX. Offering events production, installations, rentals, and production maintenance and repairs. We do what it takes to put on a show, banquet, concert, wedding, rave, conference, and much more.

We understand the importance of producing intriguing, attention-grabbing content and how much it has increased in the current digital era. When used effectively, audio and visuals are two potent mediums that can significantly increase the impact of your event. 


We are Houston's home for Events Production Audio, Lighting, Staging, Led Walls and Led Dance floors.

led wall rental Houston

LED WALLS: Imagine your 70" TV, but 20 times bigger. A led wall is a huge screen that sits behind your stage that shows graphics, lyrics, motions, or the presenter speaking. We provide rentals and installations!

m32 rental in Houston

SOUND: We do sound for anything from 100 people to 10,000 people. Depending on what your event needs are, we have sound systems for both indoors and outdoors. We also provide sound maintenance and repairs. If your sound system is sounding off or you are having trouble with your mix. We can help!

led light wash rental Houston

LIGHTING: We own and install complete lighting setups. We have up-lights for weddings, moving heads for concerts or strobes for raves. We can do it all. We even have special effects for your event such as sparklers, dancing clouds and CO2 canons!

Mobil stage rental Houston

STAGING: We own a 30ft x 18ft mobile stage that we use for outdoor events that we can pull up to your location and set up in a hour. It is perfect for your next big outdoor gathering.

For other events we can set up staging inside/outside for corporate events, bands, banquets or which ever you need. We have a deep inventory of staging from small, medium to large!

dance floor rental Houston

Dance Floors: Any party or event is not complete without a dance floor. They enhance the atmosphere of the event in addition to provide a place for attendees to dance. An LED dance floor can be all you need if you want to elevate your event. These flooring options are made to light up in a variety of colors and patterns, leaving your guests speechless.


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"Great staff - very knowledgeable !! Highly recommend. Also very involved in the community. Thank you for outstanding service!"
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Houston's Home for Production Audio, Lighting, Staging, and LED Walls.

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