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At ATH Productions we love what we do. This isn't just a job to us: it's our passion. Here at ATH Productions we value our clients and the integrity of the work we do. We take pride in having a deep inventory of production equipment that is paired with an amazing dedicated crew that helps make every event, installation, repair, or production come alive! Our goal is to have the equipment and capabilities to meet every production dream and need you may have! 

We are based in Houston, TX. And we don't just work with direct clients, but also with contractors all over the greater Houston area. Collaborating with great teams and people to create amazing events all over the city. We value communication! Only a phone call away, we care to provide a personal touch to every job and inquiry. If you have any needs, we'd love to get to talk with you.

Meet the Founder

"We are a company that came from the community, is here for the community, and wants to represent the community." - Edward Luna (Founder/CEO)
ceo edward luna

I started this at a young age and was very intrigued about audio, visual, and lighting at my church. I grew into assisting people and installing their own set ups at their venues and churches. I decided to begin to buy gear to help people have their event at a reasonable price.

Over time we have grown in equipment and team to be able to accommodate the needs of different types of clients. From quinceaneras, to weddings, nights of worships, corporate events, to full blown concerts. We do it because we love it. In this industry we stand out by the integrity that we work with combined with the prices that we offer.

ath productions audio visual company in houston

Houston's Home for Production Audio, Lighting, Staging, and LED Walls.

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